Qorvo UWB-based RTLS firmware library

ABTC offers a Real Time Location System library, ready to be used with STM32, NRF52 and ESP32 microcontrollers.
Compatible with Qorvo DWM1000, DWM1001C and DWM1004C.
Portings for TI and Microchip microcontrollers coming soon…

The best real-time location system to develop your product with the accuracy of ultra-wide band technology.

UWB - Ultra wideband

Key features

Accuracy within 3cm

Operating range up to 


Low noise rate

Supports differents bands from Bluetooth/Wifi

How is Ultra-Wideband technology (UWB) used for positioning?

UWB is the acronym of Ultra-Wideband. It is a radio technology that allows a precise way for measuring the Time of Flight of radio signal, leading to centimeter accuracy distance measurement.

Qorvo with UWB are being widely used for distance measurement and Real Time Location Systems. Its reduced power consumption allows the operation of the devices during several years even with a single coin-cell battery.

Using devices as fixed positions, as anchors, the exact location of another devices, called tags, can be known with a 3 cm precision.

The stack that ABTC offers, allows the connection and disconnection dynamically of tags and anchors. Communication is secured by AES-256 encryption and CMAC protection, thus avoid attacks like Man-In-The-Middle.

The stack is absolutely open to our clients, so it can be freely modified, or we can customize it to your specific application. Fully documentation with Doxygen is also provided.

Ultra-wideband benefits

Why ABTC UWB firmware?

What will you get?

Firmware library
for Tag

Firmware library
for Anchor

Full firmware documentation

Porting to the microcontroller you want to use in your Anchor and in your Tag

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