BlueBoard Inclinometer DK

Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi Inclinometer development kit for ESP32-WROVER-E SoC

The BlueBoard Inclinometer DK is a versatile development kit able to perform inclinometer features and ready to in use in Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi systems. It includes the ESP32-WROVER-E allowing 2.54 GHz wireless communications.

It includes the KXTJ3-1057 tri-axis ±2g, ±4g, ±8g or ±16g silicon micromachined accelerometer as the main sensor for developing the inclinometer features. This sensor is suitable for low power systems as it consumes only 0.9uA in standby making this board perfect as a starting point in developing low power systems.

Additionally, the board is MIKROE compatible, making it possible to mount any mikroE additional sensor and, therefore, new powerful features.

The system can be powered from both USB-C from a computer or Li-Polymer 3.7 battery, enabling in-field testing of prototypes. Power input source is easily selectable with an on-board switch. Also, battery charging management is included in the board with a red LED signaling the state of the charging.

The board integrates the FTDI interface (FT2232H Dual High Speed USB to Multipurpose UART/FIFO IC) that allows not only to only to program the ESP32 SoC, but also to debug the code through Eclipse IDE or similar. Please, contact us for more information about setting up ESP32 toolchain with Eclipse IDE. Besides, this development kit can also be programmed via JTAG or edge connector by using an external FTDI TTL-232R-3V. Buttons to manually set the system in Bootloader mode are included along with an additional button to simplify interrupt input testing to the SoC.

Key Features

Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi 2.54 GHz

KXTJ3-1057 accelerometer

MIKRO-E compatible connector

USB or Battery Powered

On-Board FTDI programmer and debugger

Cofinanciado por la Unión Europea

Convocatoria de concesión de subvenciones a empresas para proyectos de innovación de pyme (INNOVA-CV) para el ejercicio 2022, con cofinanciación de la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional.

Nº Expediente: IMINOD/2022/54
Programa: Proyectos de Innovación de Pyme (INNOVA-CV)
Actuación: Innovación de Pyme. Innovación en TeiCs (INNOVATeiC-CV) 2022
Proyecto: Desarrollo de hardware con conexión Internet Thing para monitorizar infraestructuras
Ubicación: Valencia
Entidad Beneficiaria: A Blue Thing in the Cloud, S.L.
C.I.F.: B-42886945
Coste Total Subvencionable: 99.860,00 €
Subvención Concedida: 44.937,00 €