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Who we are

The company was founded by Javier Longares Abaiz, a well-reputed Spanish electronics engineer with more than 20 years of professional experience. He has worked in a wide range of companies as embedded software engineer, contributing to the development of devices from access control systems, to bank locks in safeboxes, industrial electronics for Power Electronics controls, and IoT modems.

Since 2015, he started working as freelancer, and his services has been very appreciated by his clients, as it can be shown, for instance, in his Upwork profile. With clients in Europe, Canada, Israel and Asia, he hired the first employee in 2018.

In 2021 he incorporated the company called A Blue Thing In The Cloud, since most of the clients were asking for the development of devices with BLE interfaces and IoT functionalities.ย 

Now, there is a team of 4 high-skilled, top-talented and well-paid engineers working in permanent positions in the company, who will willingly collaborate in your success.ย 

The key factor for hiring a new engineer is the passion related to the development of new electronic devices. We donโ€™t hire people that just know how to develop an embedded firmware or how to design a PCB, we want to hire people who will enjoy developing your firmware and designing your schematics and PCB.

That is why our slogan is “When technology becomes art”, we really appreciate what we do, and we really love it.

years of experience
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What we do

We are a turnkey contractor for developing your product.

As an electronics engineering company headed by an expert with 20 years of experience of this sector, we can help you from the device conception, the feasibility analysis, components selection, PCB Design, Firmware Development, Production Management, and in general, with any activity related to the design of new electronic devices that will make us to be proud about.ย 

Regarding the production management, we have agreements with factories in Europe for manufacturing PCBs at a very competitive fees.ย 

And since they are located in the EU, you will not need to pay customs and incorporation fees to introduce your product in the EU.ย 

Our good work has been recognized widely, and that is the reason we are Design Partners of Nordic Semiconductors, and Qorvo UWB partners.

We can start a project from scratch, contribute to an ongoing project you currently have, or just be a partner for providing you consultations and advice regarding your project.

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